Application Outsourcing

Longhorn India Technologies has experienced resources around the world that understand and address our client’s most critical business priorities through application outsourcing. At Longhorn India Technologies, we understand that successful outsourcing starts with keen leadership planning and the drive to add to the business value with application outsourcing. Smart leaders in this era understand that application outsourcing is the one of the strong business cases for IT investments.

Longhorn India Technologies will manage and maintain legacy applications while you upgrade and capitalize on business and technology opportunities. Longhorn India Technologies will deliver innovative application development, management and maintenance services creating a business value and enabling the clients to improve their performance. Our professionals will partner with high-tech organizations in creating low-cost, high value solutions for the entire application. Longhorn India Technologies will enable companies to transform business-critical applications and processes for a competitive price that will reduce the overhead, adding to the company’s bottom-line.

At Longhorn India Technologies, we tailor our application outsourcing services for our clients so as to:

  • Improve application development and management productivity by 10% to 50%.
  • Reduce total cost of application ownership by 10% to 50%.
  • Provide a greater operational control over your investments.
  • Give our clients the flexibility to focus their employees on critical business needs.
  • Achieve reliable delivery: 95-plus percent on-time and on-budget.
  • Acquire access to highly specialized skills.

By scope: You can choose basic application management services or broaden the scope to include application enhancements, upgrades or comprehensive application development.

By breadth of applications: We can focus on a single application, a group of applications or an entire portfolio of software applications. Longhorn India Technologies will manage custom or packaged software, including Enterprise Application Integration such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel.

Here are three questions executives can ask themselves right now to expedite their planning for services like application outsourcing that can support more aggressive business strategies for growth and improved business performance:

1. How prepared is my current IT organization to support bold business strategies? The challenge with organizations that are like an elephant will now need to run like a leopard to be competitive.

2. What investments will be required to once again become an organization that will support growth? Companies need a realistic picture of actual costs involved, not just with the technologies, but the people as well: new leadership, new workers, new skills, new recruiting costs. Armed with that data, companies can then compare options: in-house resources vs. outsourcing vs. blended models like co-sourcing arrangements.

3. How do my expenditures stack up against my competition? Armed with knowledge of the investments required to build world-class IT capabilities, companies then need to benchmark themselves. Especially in industries with tight margins, companies must still be sensitive to needless overhead and to what their competition is doing to gain an edge.

To be successful in application outsourcing, companies need to make sure they are building on what we call "industrialized" capabilities to deliver high-quality services at low cost. Think of the success the manufacturing industry has realized over the past century in becoming more efficient through standardized processes and segmented work carried out wherever it is most efficient. Gradually, the services sector is discovering how to bring that same kind of efficiency to its processes