Consumer Products

Longhorn India Technologies design cost-effective outsourcing solutions that help you manage customer relationships efficiently and also profitably. Our global contact center teams of dedicated and trained specialist agents can be easily integrated for balance inbound and outbound communications so that no one is left waiting. Reinforcing your brand value, reducing operations cost, and increasing your revenue define our solution objectives for the consumer-products industry.

Our solutions help our clients in an intensely competitive and high speed consumer goods industry.We understand that building strong relationships with consumers can translate into strong loyalty and advocacy for your brands.

consumer-products services includes:

  • Lead-generation
  • Sales, up sell and cross sell strategies
  • Customer support
  • Higher percentage of revenue from new products
  • Increased brand recognition and loyalty
  • Faster response to demand
  • Optimized total inventory turnover
  • Reduced manufacturing, distribution, and transport costs