E-Business Application Development

Longhorn India Technologies have proven consultants that help clients define structured application frameworks and reusable components that enable the architectures to support business applications such as e-business B2B and B2C systems, customer websites, employee portals and mobile applications. We at Longhorn India Technologies provide Innovative Delivery Architectures that offer clients the portability, scalability and functionality they need to build leading edge applications on J2EE and .NET platforms. Longhorn India Technologies has a clear perspective: IT is not merely cost but a critical contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance. We at Longhorn India Technologies believe that in the current era, IT is recognized as "Value Creation" and not merely a "Utility".

E-Business applications can be quite complex. They may consist of hardware, software, people, procedures and information. Accordingly, application development projects can also be quite complex. Some projects might focus on a specific function like taking sales orders online while others are concerned with integrating all of an organizations disparate parts (Accounting, HR, Sales, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc...) into one single interconnected nervous system. Others still might involve several companies and attempt to streamline a value chain which spans across organizational boundaries.

For a variety of reasons a business may choose to build an application from scratch, to buy tools and technology parts and put them together, to buy customizable packaged solutions, or buy the use of an application from a remote 3rd party network. Here is an overview of some eBusiness development options: