Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Application Integration enable people to access and manage real-time information and transactions across the entire organization. Now that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has shown itself to be a source of significant business value, many organizations are looking to extract even more from their existing ERP systems. Shifts in corporate structure and new compliance requirements are driving the need for improved access to information, process clarity and cost savings. Our global methodology, along with the offshore capabilities, can deliver ERP installations and upgrades that reflect our industry-leading knowledge and industry-hardened experience. Longhorn India Technologies has consultants in all the three leading Enterprise Resource Planning providers - SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Longhorn India Technologies delivers end to end solutions including package evaluation, implementation, upgrades and enhancements. Longhorn India Technologies consultants are highly-skilled resources with experience in several industries and applications enabling us to deliver smart, innovative optimal cost solutions. Longhorn India Technologies solutions can help clients gain:

  • Greater operational efficiency - We work with you to achieve process innovations that facilitate greater integration and focus organizational attention on prioritized demands.
  • Faster Time to Benefit - Our industry-leading, industry-tailored application assets speed our time of delivery and reduce project risk to get your process and system up and running faster.
  • Improved business responsiveness - With agile IT architecture, applications can respond faster and more effectively to changes in business process coming within the organization or from the marketplace.

Reduced IT expenditures - Effective reuse of IT assets helps realize sustainable cost reductions from your IT function and makes resources available to deploy toward growth initiatives.