Insurance/Legal services

Record Retrieval

Our work force is experienced in retrieving and managing any kind of paper/electronic records that are required either for underwriting, business, legal or adjudication purposes. We have comprehensive understanding about state statutes, HIPAA regulations, copy services to retrieve the records in a timely fashion.

Once the records are retrieved using the client interface we provide additional solutions as per client specifications such as Data Entry, Payments, Record Verification, Page/Chrono sorting, Medical Summaries etc.

Data Research and Database Management
  • Market Research, Market Survey and Feedback Management
  • Data Validation Services and Competitor Analysis
  • Knowledge Management
Mail Room Solutions/Data Entry services
  • Indexing all the mail received
  • Conversion of all documents into an electronic database
  • Data Entry solutions for virtually any domain/Industry
  • Data Mine

Longhorn India's Global Insurance Practice offers business/process-driven quality solutions to the insurance industry worldwide. Longhorn India Technologies can assist in transforming your business performance by custom building an integrated business model that would enhance process efficiency and continuously deliver quality. Longhorn India Technologies enables leading global insurers with business transformation, customer experience and operational efficiency needs. Our full services portfolio and unmatched track record make us a trusted advisor and partner of choice for the industry.