Network Support

Longhorn India Technologies offers industry leading network support services that leverage advanced technology, industry standard practices and methodologies and the best technical talent available within the DC, Maryland and Virginia marketplace.

We supply IT support professionals at all levels, from 1st Line Support through to Network Architects. The range of technical skills in our network allows us to respond to any IT requirement at a moment’s notice.

Service Deliverables

Network Design

  • Establish networking infrastructure requirements to configure software portfolio, including associated costs incurred by the implementation

Network Deployment

  • Transition from an existing architecture or entire re-cabling of a new structure

Network Operation Management

  • Problem investigation: remote diagnosis and problem identification to the introduction of relevant on-site service provision if necessary
  • Telephone advice and guidance: on the use, management and enhancement of the netwowrk
  • Network configuration management: physical and logical network configuration management
  • Carrier link management: Longhorn India Technologies to provide necessary evidence for resolution of a network problem in case third-party telecommunication provider carries the network