Payor Services

Longhorn India Technologies recognizes that billing and payments are critical outcome for healthcare payors as well as providers. The need to process each claim accurately and efficiently not only lowers cost but increases productivity and complies with regulatory complexities and HIPAA compliance. Our outsourcing model alleviates your administrative challenges and frees up your time and resources to focus on your core business goals.

Longhorn India Technologies can alleviate some of the pressure in processing claims (medical and pharmacy) by addressing all the functions involved in claims processing lifecycle beginning with patient encounter, receiving claims, verifying claims data, claims adjudication and ensure that payments are accurate. The focus that Longhorn India Technologies ensures for all types of health insurance payors are:

  • Assuming administrative responsibility for streamlining and managing all the back office including Data Management.
  • Claims data accuracy verification
  • Benefits management
  • Enrollment and Eligibility