Software Application Testing

Longhorn India Technologies offers comprehensive software application testing services include Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing; with emphasis on quality control – efficient error detection and correction, while focusing on maximizing client’s cost reduction.

Longhorn India Technologies Application Testing Services drives quality throughout the application development lifecycle. Longhorn India Technologies collaborates with clients to optimize upstream activities, such as Requirements Management, Release Management and Software Configuration Management, and further validates the design, functionality and performance of the application.

At Longhorn India Technologies, we understand the criticality and importance of testing Enterprise applications, which run as backbones to many profitable business organizations across many industries. Ineffective testing and a defective application can not only prove to be costly for one’s organization, but also damage its reputation.

Testing techniques Services Offered:
  • QA Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Report Testing
  • Data Migration testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Test Automation
We help you achieve
  • Substantially improve coverage by meticulous test strategy formulation and process gap analysis
  • Better ROI on your product investment through end-to-end test implementation and execution
  • Optimization of test automation tools and frameworks
  • Customer satisfaction through zero defect enablement