Supply Chain Management

Longhorn India Technologies consultants commit to helping clients build effective supply chains that enable them to adapt to the changing conditions and seize the right opportunity. Emerging global markets, shortening product lifecycles, channel consolidation, changing compliance requirements and outsourced operations are all adding complexity to the supply chain. Yet perhaps the greatest pressure on your supply chain today comes from heightened customer demand. Organizations need to mitigate risk and effectively anticipate customer desires, while at the same time keeping pace with competitive pressures to reduce costs and get the greatest value from sources. To meet customers' expectations for price and availability, organizations need insight that begins with the customer's mindset and extends back to the point of origin for creating new products. The supply chain must be viewed as a much more extensive, highly networked value chain, driven by customer demand.

Longhorn India Technologies consultants with proven experience working with clients to develop high performance supply chains that enable businesses to cost-effectively penetrate new markets and increase sales. Longhorn India Technologies consultants work with the clients to develop and implement strategies that improve cost efficiency, increase business effectiveness and create synergies and collaboration across companies. Longhorn India Technologies consultants help clients realize substantial revenue gains and cost reductions by optimizing the key elements of their synchronized supply chain process, organization and technology. Longhorn India Technologies consultants draw on deep experience in both process reengineering and human performance. Clients are continuously looking for ways to reduce costs but at the same time Longhorn India Technologies helps in maintaining a long-term focus on collaboration across the end-to-end value chain network. Additionally, our experts are proficient in the latest supply chain planning technology solutions, primarily from SAP, i2 and Manugistics. Longhorn India Technologies Supply Chain and Sourcing solution can help clients for the following:

  • Support Revenue Growth and Accelerate New Product Launch - Our solution can help you better anticipate and satisfy customer demand; build out an integrated value chain; and improve product and service quality. This an help you drive sales in new and existing products.
  • Reduce Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability - Using a proactive risk mitigation strategy, we can help you improve supply chain security and regulatory compliance.
  • Increase Responsiveness and Flexibility - We can help you develop increased visibility into the network partners and sources in your supply chain, and measure and improve supply network performance.

Improve Throughput, Profitability and Reduce Operating Costs - We can work with you to improve throughput, reduce cycle times, process variability, excess inventory, rework, facility requirements, overtime and other drains on your bottom line.