Virtual Networking

Longhorn India Technologies Provides virtual networking services.Virtual networks provide the same resource sharing capabilities that are inherent in other resources that are managed by z/VM (such as devices, storage, and so on). When high bandwidth networking throughput is not required by a guest, then it is more efficient to share networking resources than to dedicate those resources to a guest that is not fully utilizing them.

The Virtual Network exists only as a set of virtual machines on a virtual network topology.VMware technology gives you the ability to create powerful virtual networks within VMware ESX hosts. VMware virtual networking uses data center physical networking features, standards, and principles to complement and extend existing data center networks to the virtual machine level of granularity and control.

Virtual Networks provides a wide range of products and services designed to keep your voice, data and information systems operating effectively and efficiently for maximum productivity.

Advantage of Virtual Networking
  • Virtual networks are easy to define
  • Reduce the networking hardware investment
  • simplify management and access with centralized access control.