Virtual Storage

Longhorn India Technologies Provides virtual storage services.Virtual Storage is a self-managing, data-driven service for storage infrastructure. It provides real-time assessment of workload-based priorities and optimizes I/O data requests for cost and performance—without requiring complex data classification.

Virtual Storage Build a Flexible, Efficient Datacenter.This new solution enables IT to gain operational insight into the virtual environment providing improved availability, performance, and capacity utilization.

Virtual Storage allows file systems, volume managers, and applications to access flash through a common block interface.

Virtualized storage is an integral part of a VMware vSphere virtualization environment. vSphere storage virtualization is a combination of vSphere features and APIs that provide an abstraction layer for physical storage resources to be addressed, managed and optimized in a virtualization deployment.

Advantage of Virtual Storage
  • Significantly improve storage resource utilization and flexibility
  • Increase application uptime and simplify day to day operations
  • Simplify OS patching and driver requirements regardless of storage topology