Wholesale and distribution

Longhorn India Technologies is the Software's leading Wholesale and Distribution business for sale marketplace. Longhorn India Technologies is a proven and complete inventory control, costing, sales and accounting package designed and coded from inception specifically for wholesale food distributors.

We understand the critical issues affecting wholesalers and distributors as a result of retail consolidation, generating growth from a stagnant pool of retail customers and supply chain shifts stemming from new inventory patterns.

Our solutions help our clients in an intensely competitive and high speed consumer goods industry.We understand that building strong relationships with consumers can translate into strong loyalty and advocacy for your brands.

Longhorn India Technologies offer a wide range of services and professional expertise:
  • Improve processes all around the company
  • Improve Customer and Vendor Experiences
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Real-Time Warehouse Management / Inventory Control
  • Build sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce lead-times, stock levels and overall cost
  • Take Your Products Online